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Mobile App & API Development for Clinical Research Center


Our client is a top-ranked private research university in the US and a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU). Receives nearly $700 million annually as research funding.


  • Their research center oversees the execution of clinical studies - typically to determine the effectiveness of new drugs.
  • Build an application generic enough to be useful for variety of clinical research studies.
  • Develop iOS, Android Apps and a cloud-hosted administration site.


  • Mobile app was developed in Native iOS (XCODE) and Native Android (Java).
  • Admin Site and API developed in C#/.NET and hosted in Azure Cloud.
  • Additional technologies leveraged: SurveyGizmo/Alchemer, Twilio, SendGrid
  • Mobile App Client and Rest API architecture.
  • A combination of Waterfall and Softura Agile Framework was used for this project that was completed on time ahead of the 1st and subsequent clinical studies:
  • (i) Requirements Phase
  • (ii) Two-Week Sprints for UI Design, Development and Quality Assurance Certifications.
  • (iii) Production Support


  • Mobile app makes it easy for the participants to stay engaged, thus improving retention.
  • Cloud-based Administration Site makes it possible for administrators from all over the United States to manage their studies.
  • Business intelligence makes it easy for the administrators to understand immediately, the status of the study and any participants that require attention.
  • Reminders and notifications help keep the participants on track regarding the study protocol.
  • Protocol builder makes it possible for new studies to create their own study protocol.
  • Email, text messages, push notifications, and in-app HI PA-compliant messaging helps administrators to stay in touch with the study participants.
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