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Extranet Application Modernization for Global Automotive company


World's leading Automotive Original EquipmentManufacturer (OEM) in the Mining and Construction Equipment Industry.


  • Apps built and deployed using Unsupported/obsolete technologies. 
  • Internal and external apps developed by using different technology stack – different competencies required to develop, deploy, maintain & support. 
  • Inconsistent user experience across various apps.
  • Duplicate functions (email alerts, global settings).
  • Multiple user identities across apps
  • Lack of Centralized Navigation/App Container to enable consistent user experience for navigating between apps.​​​


  • Complete migration of Global Extranet Applications out of Windows Server 2003 On-Premise to Azure cloud. 
  • Integrate and certify modern applications.
  • Strategies implemented: Lift and Shift apps, Refactor or Rebuild apps/services based on different considerations such as technology stack, framework.
  • App Container for Centralized Navigation between apps and services.
  • Consistent UI and the services to manage underlying data structure.
  • Centralized Administration Framework.
  • Office 365/SharePoint API to integrate with document management content.​​​​​


  • Responsive User Interface Design - Accessible Anywhere on Any Device.
  • Azure Web App container that supports integrating multiple apps, documents & resources.
  • Intuitive & consistent navigation experience between apps.
  • Common functions such as Search, Alert Notifications, Language & Settings.
  • App Lifecycle Management – onboarding, offboarding, user permission and access management using Common Admin Interface.
  • Retire incompatible apps and replace with web (SaaS) application.
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