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IoT Workbench solution for Automotive company


A leading supplier of Anti-Vibration Components and Encapsulated Glass Systems to Automotive Industry.


  • Home-Grown Access-Based Productivity Tool built to streamline planning was stored in Network Shared Drive to give access to users across North America, Europe and China. 
  • Purpose-build silo application - not a scalable architecture to build new features & applications. 
  • Manual Sync across Access DB for each region.
  • Labor-intensive report generation – 2 days to generate report from 3 different databases.
  • No integration with Active Directory for Identity Management.
  • Integrity Issues due to lack of direct validation against source/master data.
  • Lack of Auditing & Change Management features. 
  • Manual processes for back-up & restore. ​​


Phase - 1:

  • Cloud solution built using modern Microsoft Azure cloud technologies and React based responsive web application that is truly global with multi-lingual capability.
  • Multi-form-factor Responsive Design for consistent user experience across devices.
  • Import and map input IHS data and validate data against source of truth.
  • Multi-Lingual (3 languages).
  • Active Directory Integration, Logging and Auditing, Downloadable Reports & Data.
  • CI/CD and Auto Deployment​​

Phase - 2:

  • Readiness for Integration with Flex ERP system to get finished parts volume from BOM – assist in accurate parts forecasting.
  • Analyze Purchase Price Variance & forecast using advanced analytics. 
  • Ability to track and link commodity price to PPV/HIS data.


  • A web application with existing features on a scalable, extensible architecture.
  • Built-in ingestion/processing and analytics layer for expanding analytics capabilities in the future.
  • Secured through Microsoft Azure Active Directory.
  • Role-Based Authorization for Users.
  • End to End Traceability.
  • Maintain Integrity of data.
  • Track opportunities and quotations (SharePoint). 
  • System that integrates Program Management, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and ERP.
  • Change Control and Audit Capabilities
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