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Enterprise Content Management System for Global Automobile Manufacturer


A global automobile manufacturer was using an external vendor’s software to manage their IT ticket system. This system was crucial to tracking employee IT problems such as computer malfunctions, phone issues and other technical step backs. While their prior system worked for a while, as the volume of their IT support cases increased, the system quickly became too inefficient to manage and the vendor’s costs were increasing. Ultimately, they were stuck with an expensive system that required third-party management, so they decided to bring this system in-house.


Our developers put an Enterprise Content Management (EMC) system in place that allowed them to not only track and monitor their business processes, but also enabled support of these processes from start-to-finish. Utilizing SharePoint and Nintex, we created an in-house workflow to create, monitor, and address support IT tickets within the organization. We were able to create a stable and scalable in-house system for them that did not require a third-party vendor and used technology that they already had.

According to Gartner Analysis, 70% of successful digital business models will rely on deliberately unstable processes designed to shift as employee/customer needs shift.


The in-house workflow allowed for company-wide IT support and condensed the manual process of IT ticketing into a trackable and sustainable automated workflow, which allowed for complete transparency when managing IT tickets. And as the system used software technologies that they already had instead of relying on an external vendor, the cost associated with managing their IT ticket system significantly dropped.

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