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Lawyers frequently depend on expert witnesses in their cases to provide expertise on specific fields.  Our client was aware of various experts however, they were lacking a consistent database of information that would house the information on these expert witnesses for future use. Their existing search process involved manually crawling through multiple databases of various types, which was not only time consuming, but also produced inconsistent and conflicting data. The client needed a single data repository that would reliably store information on all previously used experts and could be easily accessible to their lawyers anywhere, any time.


With industry-leading talent in both web and mobile application development we were able to quickly create a solution that was unlike any the industry had seen before. The device agnostic application not only provided a single data repository that allowed for storage of contact information from previously used experts, but it also allowed their lawyers to rate the expert based on expertise and impact of winning the case. Knowing the track record, strengths, and inefficiencies of each expert witness utilized by the firm allowed for greater strategic planning and improved expert witness selection.


The ability to easily access this information in the office or in the field, no matter the device gave their lawyers a unique advantage. They were now able to be more efficient and accurate when finding experts, which eliminated hours of tedious research and labor costs. The application also had the ability to seamlessly integrate into their current landscape of third-party legal software systems, significantly expanding their database, thus eliminating the need for manual entry.

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