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Cloud App Development to Manage Clinical Studies for Research University


A top-ranked private research university in the US and a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU).


  • Productivity: Using Access Databases and Excel Spreadsheets for managing clinical studies data.
  • User Frustration: Study teams lacked expertise to customize templates for each study.
  • Communication: Communication with participants via emails and text messages and hence no central record of all communications.
  • VPN: Study team members should log in to the university VPN to manage the study.
  • Scarce Analytics : Each study managed things differently making it difficult to analyze data from all of the studies.


  • HIPPA-Compliant Cloud based solution hosted on Microsoft Azure with advanced security features and access to application from any device through a web browser. 
  • Role-based user permissions to access data and functionalities within the application.
  • Unlimited studies can be hosted on the application – each study with its own time-based protocol.
  • All communication sent through the application and hence a permanent record is maintained within the application.
  • The study dashboard makes it possible to manage all of the participants in a study from a single location.
  • Integration with 3rd party services to add surveys and telemedicine to the study protocol.
  • Availability of mobile app for participants if the study chooses to use it.


  • Approved Study Protocol: The university can build timeline based on the approved study protocol. Surveys, lab visits, telemedicine sessions or study team tasks are all included and can be tracked. It is also possible to add an ad-hoc activity for the participant that needs a little extra attention.
  • Communication: Communication within the team and with participants is a key success factor.  Email, text, push notifications and in-app messages address the communication needs. Audit logs, message templates and automatic timers are all a part of the solution.
  • Compliance: Tracking and data reporting from the application dashboards allow the university to comply with HIPPA and ISO 27001 requirements.
  • Cost Savings: The university is now able to manage all its studies using only this application and offers the service to other universities to generate income to offset maintenance costs. 
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