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Application Modernization

Application Modernization

UX Case Study


A leading medical laboratory provides a custom web application to customers to manage DNA testing. The current application is 20 years old and needs a technology upgrade. 

Legacy Approach

The current user interface is not responsive, so it is difficult to use on a mobile device. 
The current interface does not support users with disabilities. 
Security is out of date and not in compliance with current IT standards.
Current application is coded in Java EE (Java 7). IT staff has no expertise in the current technology and therefore cannot support and enhance the existing application.
Application has been in use for a long time and is working well for the customers. Therefore, it is important that the updated application work exactly like the current application so minimal training is necessary to use the new application.


Application was completely rewritten to address all the issues with the legacy application.
Angular front-end is fully responsive and can be viewed on any device.
User interface supports users with disabilities based on WCAG 2.1 specification, Compliance is tested using Google Lighthouse.
API is developed in C# using .NET Core 3, a platform that IT has the expertise to fully support and enhance.  API access is managed by IBM API Connect.
Authentication is implemented using Okta and Active Directory.
User interface design is updated with the current branding standards but closely resembles the existing application in terms of functionality so retraining users is not necessary.  


Softura delivered a complete rewrite of the application to the exact specifications requested by the customer.
Development was completed with a fixed price budget that was lower than any competitive bid.
Development was completed in under 8 months as promised.
We delivered superior Return on Investment (ROI) for our customer on this project. 

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