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Web & Mobile App Development for Automotive Parts Manufacturer


An automotive parts manufacturer was experiencing communication difficulties between their plants around the world. Because of this each plant was limited to the ideas and solutions that it’s local experts could provide as they did not have a platform that allowed for efficient communication. Their existing process consisted of communicating globally using e-mail, which resulted in long response times and disorganized communication. They came to us seeking an application that would allow for crowd solving of problems and to significantly improve their communication process between their plants. They also wanted a repository that would allow best practice solutions to be saved and easily accessed by keyword searches.


The auto manufacturer chose Softura not only for our custom enterprise software development expertise, but also because our understanding of their infrastructure and security needs. Our team created both a web and mobile application that could be used on PC’s, Apple, Android, and BlackBerry devices. The application contained a forum where their internal experts across all of their plants could crowd source problems that their facilities were experiencing. The forum allowed solutions to be saved into a data repository that could be accessed at any time through a simple keyword search. To encourage employee innovation and creativity, a feature allowed employees to post ideas and solutions to problems.


The application provided our client with a way to greatly improve their internal communication on a global scale. They were now able to solve problems with solutions provided by multiple experts worldwide within minutes instead of waiting days or weeks for an appropriate response. Not only did this save them time and money, it also allowed best practices to be shared at their plants around the world and provided a way for them to be easily accessed at any time via smartphone.

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