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Scale-up towards exemplary performance levels with a highly skilled dedicated team! Get access to a robust infrastructure and experienced professionals right here!
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Dedicated Software Development Team
Extend Your Talent Capabilities

Go full-stack With Softura’s Dedicated IT Teams. Quit worrying about finding resources with the right skill sets for your projects. Our Dedicated Project Teams model makes sense for you if :

You have identified digital transformation and technology adoption as your key focus areas for your company’s long-term success.
You know the broad brushstrokes of the projects you wish to implement. But, the full scope, including all the features that will truly drive disruptive value for your business, is unknown.
You have a great HR team but lack the experience and acumen to hire, manage, and scale IT staff. Understanding project requirements, desired outcomes, and the competencies are required to help you reach the finish line before your competitors.
Get The Team of Your Choice
Smart Manufacturing
Big Data
Cloud Computing
Data, Analytics & AI
Select the unique skills that fit your needs at any given time

Dedicated Project Teams
Professional Teams That Make a Difference

Assembling The Right Team
Technology and Domain Expertise
Full Stack Skillsets

We assemble the finest dedicated offshore developers with proven experience across multiple domains, vast knowledge, and specific niche skills for you. No matter what kind of skill set you need - subject matter experts in specific technologies or highly skilled software professionals - we can tailor the perfect fit for your unique competency needs.

As a dedicated development company, we offer you teams who are highly motivated and skilled in the latest technologies. Our dedicated software development teams can easily build scalable and secure mobile applications and web applications by using your chosen technology stack.

The accumulated knowledge and expertise of Softura teams help your products to capture the market faster. We offer you certified Microsoft consultants who can dive deep into your business needs, understand them, and provide you with reliable solutions that make a difference.
Whether you are a small business or a startup with a handful of employees or a large organization that employs hundreds of professionals, we at Softura are always at your disposal to meet any organizational need of yours.

We come armed with a team of qualified professionals who have a wide range of skills, experience, and knowledge in using multiple technology stacks, competencies, programming languages, and expertise in using various tools.

All you need to do is to provide us with your project specifications and competence needs. We will get you the best match that meets your requirements.

The Softura Model
Streamlined Processes That Create An Impact

Softura’ s dedicated team model works around a well-thought out process to ensure you hire the right candidate with the right skills to fit your culture in the shortest time possible.

Understand Priorities

Industry Insights - An engagement manager who understands your industry trends and challenges is assigned.
Company Priorities - The team discusses the tech projects in your pipeline, and understands your priorities.
Culture study - We also take ample time to understand your company’s ethos.

Talent Hunt

Resource requirements are determined after a detailed analysis.
Our recruiters and domain experts interview and technically evaluate the screened candidates before recommending a final hire.

Continuous Upskilling

Mentors are assigned for your project with extensive project and domain experience.
A competency matrix is created for better understanding.
Detailed training needs analysis is conducted using outcome-based competency models.
Competency-based training for continuous upskilling is conducted.

Streamlined Workflows

Softura Agile approach
Scaled Agile framework
Let's Get Started
Here’s A Team
Dedicated to Your Success

We are always dedicated to ensuring that you build a team that achieves your targets and triggers your progress.

The Softura Capability
Giving You the Right Team Advantage

We have 20+ years of experience in full-cycle software development. We have all the talent you’re looking for already in one place and ready to start when you are. Softura helps you attain five major capabilities:


Achieve quick deployment and delivery of all services! Adopt scalable and on-demand services.


Gain standardization in all the activities you do and attain both cost benefits and quicker time-to-market.


Make progressive platform changes and stop yourself from getting locked up in legacy platforms.


Integrate our dedicated team with your team, share the knowledge and resources to open up new possibilities of collaboration.


Ensure that you do not spend too much money or time on unnecessary hiring. Align your expenditure with your business objectives with a cleverly devised plan.


Improve your overall team performance and get more productive with the help of our expert team that helps to reduce the learning curve.

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